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Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one. ” ~ Malcolm S. Forbes

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How & Why to use CSS / HTML

Date: Jan 11, 2012 Times: 8am, 2pm, 8pm EST

Get started now - no experience required! This course provides information on the basic elements of CSS page design and layout. It's is designed for total beginners ... To really understand web design, you need to learn HTML and CSS hand-coding; let this course show you!


Where will you be in in the future?

Posted by Admin on August 3, 2011
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With an economy on the mend and renewed optimism towards job creation, many are considering upgrading their education and job status. With the right education, you could be among the successful job seekers in the future with how about... new online database skills.


Hot Job Skills: Consider Online Career Training

Thinking of training for some of the hottest jobs of the future?

Completing your career training online has specific benefits. You can attend class and study on your time without the hassle of travel and required classroom attendance. Many full-time workers even choose to keep their jobs while studying online.

The practical training you will l receive online can give you the preparation you need to compete for popular future careers. Even though hundreds of thousands of new jobs are expected to open up, you should always be prepared to experience competition for the best careers. Completing career training beforehand helps you face that competition.